Things to Consider When Designing A Website

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While developing a website for an Organization, one should consider the following points:

Logo: The Logo is the “Brand of an Organization”. The color combination of the Website should follow the color scheme of the Logo. One should ensure that the Logo is easily visible on the Website.

Responsive: In today’s world there are more mobile device users compared to desktop and laptop users. Hence websites should be Mobile–friendly and adaptable to work on the small screen.

Content & Metatags: One should ensure the content on the website is informative and relevant. The audience needs to be attracted towards the content. Metatags plays a key role in Digital Marketing and attracting audience to any website.

SSL Certification: Websites should be secured with the use of SSL Certification. It builds a trust for the audience and makes your website viable and SEO friendly.

Social Media friendly: Today’s world is that of Digital Marketing and Social Media. In order to display the products or services, one needs to use Social Media as a platform. Therefore, websites need to be updated regularly and compatible to social media platforms.

Simplicity: Websites should be kept as simple and user-friendly as possible. Use of unnecessary Images and Videos or Contents which may increase size of the website, or contents that may be controversial, should be avoided.

Contacts: Complete contact information like Contact Number, Address, Email ID, Fax Number & Google Map should appear prominently on the Contact page of a website. Contact details create a sense of reliability and trust on the viewer.

Navigation: If the content on a website is too large, a Navigation tools like ‘Search’ or ‘Filter’ options are a good option to consider in order to make the website more user-friendly.

Images & Videos: Images & Videos which are attractive and ‘eye-catching’ are nice to have on a website. They should create an impact on the viewer and tempt them to avail the product or service for which the website was intended to be developed.

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