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  Today the world is in a state of shock; COVID-19 has wreaked havoc across continents, dwarfed the arrogance of medical advancement, and intimidated mankind into locking
Research is an integral part of planning. Planning without conducting proper research may not be a good idea to even step into the business. Entrepreneurs generally prepare
Business Plans are a key to any business idea before its implementation. A wise entrepreneur would always invest in a good business plan before deep-diving into the
We have entered the Digital age and in today’s world we are dependent on Technology as our source of communication. Imagine you want yourself to be admitted
Traditional marketing is the conventional method of Marketing our products and services with the use of advertisements through Newspapers, Radio, Television or by distribution of flyers. Traditional
While developing a website for an Organization, one should consider the following points: Logo: The Logo is the “Brand of an Organization”. The color combination of the