Financial Consulting

Your business proposal is often the first contact you have with financial institutions. So, and its needs to be crafted in a manner that it best represents your business. Our team of Financial Consultants will help you do that !!!

Besides, our relationship with some of the renowned financial institutions enables us to prepare your business and financial proposals and present you to them based on their exact requirements, thereby eliminating back-and-forth communication and saving time. You can leave this to us and focus on your business growth !!!

Here are a couple of points to ponder upon...

Would you like to grow your business?

Would you like to enhance the capacity of your existing business?

Would you like to start a new business venture?

Is your business struggling to achieve its potential capacity due to shortage of capital and working capital?

If your answer to any of these questions is a ‘Yes’, our team of Financial Professionals can help you.

  • We help you build a financial plan that will set financial targets and new horizon for your business.
  • We help build up your business proposal to present to banks and financial institutions.
  • We help you obtain the necessary funding/grant from the Government.
  • We help negotiate with banks and financial institutions to obtain the portfolio of financial services and support that best suits your business.

In the process, we:

  • Develop Short/Medium/Long Term Budgets/Forecasts/Plans for your business.
  • Build Monthly Rolling Forecast.
  • Do monthly Analysis of your Actuals vs Forecast to determine reasons for variances.
  • Help you with Finance & Business process standardization.
  • Develop Best-in-class alignment with the industry standards.