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Welcome to Teknokraft

With our unique digital marketing strategies take your brand to the next level. We bring the right & potential crowd to your door step

Lead Generation

Teknokraft Canada Inc helps you to enhance your business multiple times by generating inquires through our Lead Generation Services . . .

Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services through its various platforms helps businesses reach out to their target customers much faster compared to traditional marketing . . .

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an analytical tool widely used to make a website stand out through improved ranking against its competitors on different search engines . . .

Website Development

Today’s world has become a global village with the help of the internet, as a result, every business wants to reach out to its target audience in the . . .


Teknokraft provides effective eCommerce solutions. Our secured eCommerce solutions combine professional eCommerce web design . . .

Other Services

Teknokraft Canada Inc. helps you to create professional designs for your LOGO as well as create unique content for your website or Blogs . . .

What makes Teknokraft Special

Teknokraft • Experienced Professionals • Trusted Partner • Tailor-made Solutions • Inculcating Best Practices

  • Creation of best user experience
  • Understanding user intent
  • extensive research
  • Ranking for keywords
  • Maximizing the conversion
  • Considering the pain point of the audience
  • Creation of trending creatives & call-to-action
  • Maximizing the brand value
  • Educate & maximizing engagement
  • Creation of warm target audience
  • Sharing interesting stories
  • Creation of quality traffic and generation of quality conversion
  • Making the paid marketing budget friendly
  • Creation of best relevance among keywords, ad copy & landing page
  • Maximizing ad ranking and generating quality leads
  • Maximizing brand awareness & reach
  • Utilizing the engagement for proper conversion
  • Capturing users details & building database
  • Email automation & personalization
  • Maintenance of audience segmentation
  • Consistently sending email campaigns in different stages & with different objectives

Creative & Responsive Design

Design is a tricky thing. You can’t always predict what will work well, and sometimes the best ideas are the ones that come together spontaneously. That’s why our designers are ready and willing to roll up their sleeves and get creative. They approach each project with a unique perspective and a commitment to responding to the needs of our clients and their customers.

Data Driven Digital Marketing

Digital marketing refers to the methods and techniques used to promote websites, and products. Digital marketing has evolved drastically over the last decade. No longer are we satisfied with throwing up a few ads on a handful of channels. Instead, we want to understand our customers, predict their behavior, and tailor our strategy to meet their needs. Data is the backbone of this evolution. and services on the internet. It has evolved from a simple email marketing strategy to an intricate system of algorithms and analytics. Today, digital marketing is synonymous with data-driven marketing.

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